L.E. McCullough New Tunes 2017

Tunes Composed in 2017 — Listed alphabetically by title.

An Máirseáil Úll Mór copy

Ashokan Howdy-Do-waltz copy

Ashokan Howdy-Do-jig copy

Burr & Julie's Wedding copy

Buster Hawkins copy

Cannadys of Chicago copy

Copeland's Wooden Wonder copy

Doug Barr's Birthday copy

Dr. Frank Claudy's Reel copy

Dr. Matt Cranitch's Polka copy

Farewell to Fred Abbate copy

Her Name Was Heather Heyer copy

Hollis Payer's Birthday Jig

Jane Kelton's Birthday copy

Jim Brown's Birthday copy

Kathleen Biggins_ Thousand Welcomes to New Jersey copy

Kevin Donnelly's Master Hornpipe copy

Kieran O'Hare's Fancy copy

La Guitarra Cantante copy

Les Deau Jumeaux copy

Leslie Clark's Lively Jig copy

Man from Geashill copy

Marbling Harp of Iris copy

Mighty Hammers of Bill copy

Ms. Marta's Birthday Polka copy

Na Tri Pearlai copy

Paddy's Prize Pupil copy

Paul and Charlene's Crystal Anniversary copy

Paul Keating's Birthday copy

Pete and Kelly's Firstborn copy

Peter Kwangjun Suk's Birthday Hornpipe copy

Pride of Derradda copy

Rambles of Rimbaud copy

Robyn Ní Conney's Reel copy

Rónán Oisín Finnegan_s Welcome to Terra

Tex Sweeney's Finger-Flyin' Hornpipe copy

The Grand Marshal copy

The Levitt Legacy copy

The Levitt Legacy copy

The O'Donnells of Emerson copy

The Painted Banjo copy

Tim Britton's Birthday copy