Three (now 9) New Happy Birthday Tunes

AS OF TODAY, July 2, 2016 Feb. 19, 2017 Mar. 18, 2017,  Apr. 18, 2017, I have composed 175 190 195 original instrumental compositions in (or derived from) the idiom of Irish traditional music.

Here’s the latest:  “Paul Keating’s Birthday”, a snappy double jig in G major.

You’ll notice it has a 3rd (additional) part to it because, of all the people I know in today’s Irish Traditional Music milieu, Paul Keating may well be the:

  • hardest-working
  • hardest-organizing
  • hardest-writing
  • hardest-marketing
  • hardest-dancing
  • hardest-volunteering person in Show Business.

And he calls a great céilí, too. If anyone deserves an extra tune part, it’s Paul Keating.


DURING A recent signing event for my new “What Whistle Would You Play at Your Mother’s Funeral?” book, the subject of composition in Irish Traditional Music came up, and an audience member shouted out:  “My birthday is in August!”

It was concertina stalwart Doug Barr … just 4 days later, he had his fondest-ever birthday wish granted:  a Personalized Commemorative Composition by L.E. McCullough.

It’s just that easy!

Would you like a commemorative tune of your own?  Perhaps for a special friend or family member?

For a small fee, immortality can be achieved!

Email with pertinent details … Operators are standing by!

Covering Any Notable Occasion including (but not limited to) birthday, wedding, wedding engagement, funeral tribute, Sweet 16, quinceañera, walkabout, ordination, graduation, enjoying a great meal, surviving rumspringa, reaching the unreachable star, getting a job, leaving a job, falling in and/or out of love, first body piercing, winning the Nobel Prize — and more!

    . . .     . . .     . . .

While you’re pondering, here’s Doug Barr’s Birthday, a delightful hornpipe:


Adding a birthday tune for Iris Nevins“The Marbling Harp of Iris”


It will sound much better on her harp, certainly. And if the “marbling” term seems odd, well, welcome to Irish Traditional Music naming norms — and go here to see the Marbling Mystery Revealed!


Here are 2 compositions from the last couple weeks, both also in the natalic commemoration genre and composed for Jane Kelton and Frank Curran,
who are 2 outstanding flute players:

“Jane Kelton’s Birthday”


“The Pride of Derradda” (“Frank Curran’s Reel”)


As far as topical areas of the 190 tunes:

  • 43 have been tributes to musicians and performers (Cuz from Castleisland, The Piper Joe Shannon, Fiddlin’ John McGreevy, Freeman’s Tweaking Bluebird, Harker’s House of Happiness, Ms. Traci Lamar, Greer’s on the Rocks …)
  • 19 have celebrated weddings (The Pastor & the Piper, Jason & Cassandra’s Vegas Nuptials, The PinSota Fusion, Acacian Harmony, Marriage on the Monocacy …)
  • 11 have marked family occasions (The Manions of Mt. Laurel,
    Sean Francis Horvay,  Olivia’s Welcome to Terra, The Bonnie Hills of Riverton …)
  • 24 have commemorated someone’s passing (Farewell to Mac McKinley, Birds Sleep Safer on Bellerock Street Tonight, The Wizard of Portobello, Spirit on the Move, Aunt Terry’s Angels …)
  • 16 were inspired by current events (Middletown Meltdown, Tea & Skittles, Humours of Hiroshima, Azadi A’alan, Farewell to Kandolhudhoo …)

And 38  were composed in relation to, hmmm, uhhh … let’s call them Romantic Episodes … Not Safe with a Razor, Last Tango in Tarrytown, Demasiado Corazón, The Catnip Lady from Lubbock, Shoulda Seen It Coming, The Immaculate Deception, Grits & Kool-aid, A Nickel’s Worth of Nothing, The Sporting Lass of Tel Aviv… etc/etc/etc/etc…

Here are three birthday tunes from 2016, and I’m thrilled because they were composed about people who are alive and still playing great music:

The Piper Pat Sky on youtube!

* Larry Edelman’s Birthday Polka

* Knockin’ a Squeeze Out of It (Pete Farley’s March)


“Tones sound, and roar and storm about me until I have set them down in notes.”

– Ludwig van Beethoven

“Irish music . . . it’s the only music that brings people to their senses, I think.”
– Joe Cooley          


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