Apocalypse Maybe — One Nite Only!

Here’s a new tune for shutting off the lights … or celebrating the Winter Solstice.

Depends on whether you’re a Glass Half-full or Glass Half-empty type of person … (or a Glass Half-full but with a Leak in the Bottom).

Apocalypse Reel

New York actor/comedian Booth Daniels has sagely pointed out that — if the Mayan calendar has 260 days in a year — the End of the World has already in fact come and gone … and humanity clearly isn’t as important as we think we are, since nobody bothered to send us the memo through proper channels.

Anyhow, enjoy the tune and see you on the Other Side of Wherever.


About 1bigsoul

12th Generation American trying to convince this country to live up to its promise of liberty and justice for All.
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