The Requisite Intro

L.E. McCullough’s Whistle Blog


I’ve been playing the tinwhistle since 1972. Started out learning Irish traditional music, but gradually absorbed other idioms as well.

LOVE this little instrument.

Finally got around to starting a blog about it. Which will be observations about playing the whistle and learning Irish music. Trying to organize thoughts on the inner essence of what mentally happens when I play the thing… and if you play the whistle, you well know things DO mentally happen.

Will try not to be too intellectual or ethnomusicologically intense… (do you realize the amount of caloric energy expended in just spelling “ethnomusicologically”? … probably an extra day of your life depleted…) Can’t promise, though — like the scorpion said when he stung the frog carrying him across the raging river knowing they would both drown, “Sorry, dude, it’s just my nature.” [Stith-Thompson International Folklore Motif-Index K815.6].

Not going to give reviews on whistles or whistle players. Just wanted a space where I can spin out some thoughts I’ve been having the last number of years about this crazy little pipe and the music rolling around my head.

Just stuff I think about the whistle that you might think about, too, if you play it.

And, yes, feel free to respond and even send in your own thoughts on whistlery or Irish music. Probably will publish them if they’re interesting. What have we got to lose?

This is the new landing place for – the Irish music part of it, anyway. If you’re looking for L.E.’s playwriting activities and book sales go here: … you’ll find his public policy/grantwriting/marketing etc. info at

LEMcCullough-2Fead on!

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1 Response to The Requisite Intro

  1. Jim Brown says:

    I am really glad to discover this blog. You thoughts and comments always inspire me.

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